New technologies & work

An exercise in long-range scientific inquiry

Since 1983, an international, interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners have been meeting and working together each year in order to develop concepts and methods to address individual, organizational and societal risks created by technological development. Learn more…


  • June 2019: the topic of the 2019 workshop is Visualising Safety, an exploration: Drawings, pictures, images, videos, movies.
  • January 2018: the topic of the 2018 workshop was Safety - Security: Synergies & Tensions.

Safety of high-technology systems

Workshops have covered a wide range of topics including human error, accident investigation, training, distributed decision-making and management. While the original activities of NeTWork began with a wide coverage of sub-themes, recent work has focused more specifically on a theme of great scientific and social significance: the safety of high technology systems and the role of human contribution to either failure or resilience of high-hazard systems.

Knowledge transfer to stakeholders

In order to facilitate dissemination of the knowledge produced by NeTWork activities to the academic community and to decision-makers, each workshop has led to the publication of either a book or a special issue of an academic journal.