Workshop topics

NeTWork workshops have addressed a range of issues related to new technologies and work. The focus over the last decade has been the safety of high technology systems and the role of human contribution to either failure or resilience of hazardous systems.

2022Climate change and safety in high-hazard industries
2021Safety in a digital age: old and new problems
2019Visualising Safety, an exploration: Drawings, pictures, images, videos, movies
2018Safety - Security: Synergies & Tensions
2017Exploring resilience: a scientific journey from theoretical models to practical operationalization
2016Risk communication 3.0: Effect of risk communication on safety management
2013The illusion of risk control. What would it take to live with uncertainty?
2012Liability and insurance and their influence on safety management of industrial operations and products
2011Control and accountability in highly automated systems
2010How desirable and avoidable is proceduralization of safety?
2008Event analysis and organizational learning
2007Resolving multiple criteria in decision-making involving risk of accidental loss
2006Safety in Applying Genetic Engineering to Agriculture
2005Global Challenges to Workplace Health and Safety
2004Safety Culture and Behavioral Change at the Workplace
2003Safety in the Design Process
2002Towards risk coherence
2001Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Organizations
2000Safety Regulation: the Challenge of New Technologies & New Frontiers
1999Achieving Successful Safety Interventions
1998Risk and Safety in Medicine
1997Coping with Accelerating Technologies
1996The Organization-Safety Link
1995Theories and Methods of Event Analysis
1994In Search of Safety
1993The Use of Rules to Achieve Safety
1992Growth, Change, and Industrial Safety
1991Control of Safety
1990Managing New Technologies
1989Telematics and Work
1988Modeling Distributed Decision Making
1987What and How to Teach in Information Technology
1986Information Technology, Competence, and Employment
1985Changing Work Structures and Work Meanings in the Context of New Information Technologies
1984New Technology and Human Error
1983New Information Technologies and Work

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